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Find Relief from Frequent Panic Attacks

Experiencing occasional anxiety is a part of life, but when it escalates into recurring and unexpected panic attacks that disrupt your daily life, it may be an indication of panic disorder. At Dr. Messina & Associates, our team of clinical psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists specializes in treating panic disorder in individuals of all ages. Whether you're a child, adolescent, or adult, if frequent panic attacks are affecting your quality of life, reach out to us. We're here to provide compassionate and professional treatment.

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Understanding Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is characterized by sudden and repeated episodes of intense fear, known as panic attacks. These anxiety attacks strike without warning or an apparent trigger and can last for several minutes or longer, leaving you feeling out of control and overwhelmed.
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Recognizing Panic Disorder Symptoms

Panic attacks associated with panic disorder can manifest with various symptoms, including:

Sense of Impending Doom

Feeling Out of Control or Crazy

Fear of Imminent Death

Feeling Detached From Reality

Rapid, Pounding Heartbeat

Shortness of Breath

Tightness in the Throat

Chest Pain

Dizziness or Lightheadedness

Numbness or Tingling

Trembling or Shaking



Abdominal Cramps

Hot Flashes


People with panic disorder often live in constant fear of the next attack, which may lead them to avoid places or situations where attacks have previously occurred.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and would like to speak with one of our friendly team members about finding relief, reach out today to schedule an appointment.

Effective Panic Disorder Treatments

If recurrent panic attacks are interfering with your daily life, Dr. Messina & Associates can help. Our primary approach is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a proven method for managing panic disorder. CBT helps you modify thought patterns and behaviors to regain control over your life. For some individuals, a combination of medication and psychotherapy is the most effective treatment. Our psychiatrists can discuss medication options, and our expert team is trained extensively in CBT to help individuals of all ages manage panic disorder.

Reclaim Your Life with Effective Panic Disorder Treatment

Don’t let panic attacks control your life. Discover how to regain control over panic disorder and lead a fulfilling life. Contact the office of Dr. Messina & Associates at 817-677-0449 or schedule an appointment online today.

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