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Handling the End of Summer Blues

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Handling the End of Summer Blues

As the summer days wind down and the shift into the autumn months occurs, you might notice that you routinely start to feel down when this time of year rolls around. The month of August is generally considered to be the final month of this season, and with Labor Day the first week of September, this typically signifies the official end of the summer. These end of summer blues can even be compared to the experiences people have with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and a big reason that people may really dread the changing of the seasons is due to the anticipation of cold winter days and being affected by SAD. You should always reach out and talk to a mental health professional if you feel you are quite affected by the completion of another summer season so that you can hopefully see this time in a new light and not stress about it. In the Southlake, TX region, Dr. Messina & Associates is a quality team of professionals that are available to work with you through difficult shifts such as this.

Below you will find a few different and helpful ways to combat the end of summer blues so that you can hopefully bring a new perspective to this time of year that inevitably always comes around.

Try to Embrace the Change

It makes sense why the summertime is a favorite season among so many, since it brings about longer, sunnier days, an abundance of moments spent outside, and the increased opportunity to take time to spend on vacation since a lot of businesses slow down a bit during this time of year. Once the feeling that this is all coming to an end arises and you think back to all the fond memories you may have created over the summer, it is understandable that you possibly feel blue about going into autumn and then winter. Instead of fighting the fated changing seasons and dreading them nonstop, try your best to embrace this shift as much as you can. Think about the aspects of the fall and winter that you do enjoy, which might be the cooler weather, extra opportunities to spend with family and friends during the holidays, and tasty treats that are simply more enjoyable during these months. Yes, summer is ending and if it’s your favorite season it can leave you feeling blue, but try to think ahead because before you know it, it’ll be June yet again.

Get a Trip Lined Up

Summer is often synonymous with taking vacations, especially for people in professions like teaching where there are three full months of vacation time. Having so many available chances to book vacations to either visit family or experience a new place you have never been before is one of the best parts about summer for many, and after Labor Day comes around, obligations and work might start to pick up quite a bit and make it more difficult to leave on a whim. Before the summer officially ends, try to line up a fun trip in the late fall or winter that you can look forward to. If traveling means a lot to you and you do a lot of it in the summer, planning a vacation a few months out will allow you to further combat the end of summer blues and welcome the new seasons with a more accepting mindset. You can either choose to take advantage and embrace the cooler weather and go somewhere with exciting winter activities, or you can book a trip somewhere more tropical to get that dose of sunshine that you’ve been missing.

Soak Up as Much Sun as Possible

A huge reason why the summer is so favored is because of the warm, sunny days that are spent outside having fun. It’s no coincidence that spirits are so high during this season, since getting such plentiful sunlight has proven to be directly correlated with happier moods and reduced stress. Just because August is coming to a close does not mean that you have to suddenly hole yourself up inside and accept that the sundrenched days are over. Depending on where you live, there’s a good chance you still have a good amount of warmth and sunshine left to enjoy, and you should embrace it as much as possible on the weekends, before and after work, or after school. Vitamin D is essential when it comes to regulating the mood, so consider investing in a good supplement that contains this if you reside somewhere that doesn’t get the most sunlight year-round.

Declutter and Reorganize

As the transition into the new season ensues, there’s a chance you may feel overwhelmed with the looming responsibilities and commitments you have with school or work. After three months of fun in the sun and letting other things fall by the wayside, where do you even pick things back up again? You don’t want to be met with an onslaught of obligations out of nowhere, so it’s wise to set aside time a week or two before you get back into your routines to get your ducks in a row, so you aren’t scrambling to get organized once you are back in the swing of things. Decluttering and reorganizing your school things or office space will be a huge relief and will allow you to be less stressed about the end of the summer.

The end of summer blues are very real and felt across the world, but it is important to remember that change is not always a bad thing and something to resist. You are not alone in feeling this way, so it might also help to reach out and talk to others in your life and discuss it openly with them, too. Take everything one day at a time and try to fully embrace the days of summer that are left and see all the different and unique positive aspects that come with each passing season.

Getting Help

If you or a loved one are looking to take the next step toward mental wellness in your life, we are ready to help on that journey. We have a team of psychiatrists, therapists and psychologists that specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and medication management. Our team of compassionate and skilled professionals is available for in person appointments for patients in the DFW area. We also offer online appointments for patients in the Austin, DFW, Houston and San Antonio areas.


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